Child care. Aqua

NewbornThe smallest needs to drink more individual and depend mostly on fresh food, mass and age of a infant, however well as a state of soundness and a climate. In basic it may be said that a healthy child until the year to 100 ml of fluid for each kg of weightiness. When a baby reaches 10 kg, a calculation is slightly variant needs: Presently daily a child needs to get 1 liter of liquidity plus 50 ml per kilogram over a chief ten.  Baby service. Alike Care of a baby.articles:Night-feedingBabyBreastfeeding. Bottle-feedingNewbornChild. Massage for infantsChild. Читать полностью -->

Newborn care. Prevention of rickets in infants

NewbornVitamins DFundamentals of newborn hygiene - great nutrition, normal sleep with enough walks, massotherapy, gym. Ofttimes, for the prevention and therapy of a pediatrician assigned to get prophylactic dose of vitamin D. Vitamin D - 500 IU is safe and covers the needs of rapidly growing newborn. There oil and aqueous solutions.Drugs vitamins D3 physiologic and efficacy of vitamin D TWO, since vitamin D 3 - is provitamin A, it stimulates the production of its own vitamins D in the aging body of the baby.Aqueous solutions are less toxic than butter, so if the baby is registered big dose of vitamins D, give them preference.The kid may be a long and continuously give prophylactic doses of vitamins throughout a cold-blooded season (with late autumn to spring). If the doctor has prescribed a dose of prophylactic above, it is advisable to put a break for 5-7 times any 3-4 weeks of using drugs.If you feed a child with a mixing that does not preclude taking vitamin D. The dose will calculate a local medic.Must be complied with recommendations to have vitamins D! In no case need not be given this medication without consulting a doctor. Читать полностью -->

Care of a child. Diaper - assistant and friend

ChildA second stepAs to really find out if the child has enough natural milk? The technique is simple - check "on the wet diaper." Count as often a baby wets nappies (diapers it, and not disposable diapers!). Babies and children are the first months of life need urinate on 6 or more times every day, and urine should be colorless or pale yellow.If the baby is exclusively breastfed while "using" six or more diapers per day, it is just enough natural milk, regardless of weight and height at birth and at the moment.Estimating the capacity of natural milk with wet diapers - a second step to solving the matter. If you give the child aqua or other drinks, this test does not help: urine will be produced out of the water and yet may not be enough crumbs of breast natural milk.  Similar Care of a newborn.articles:Mums. Children diseaseChildService of a baby. Dining pregnant. Natural-feeding. Читать полностью -->

Moms. H2o

ChildThe smallest needs to drink highly individual and depend mostly on food, mass and age of the infant, so correctly however the state of health and a climate. In basic it can be said that a healthy child until the year to 100 ml of fluid for each kilogram of weight. When a child reaches 10 kg, a calculation is slightly variant demands: Now a day a newborn needs to have 1 liter of liquid plus 50 ml per kilogram over a basic ten.  Care of a baby. Same articles:Newborn. Supplementing. SNSChildBaby service. Читать полностью -->

Care of a newborn. Prevention of fresh mastitis

BabyPrevention of mastitis is to prevent the formation of cracks and abrasions nipples to the timely medication, and to prevent stagnation of natural milk. A nursing mum need be specifically careful to follow the rules of personal hygiene. To do this every time to sluice the fresh with hot h2o and soap. A nipple and a surrounding area to wash TWO% solution of cheese (one tsp. Per cup of stewing h2o) or just boiled water. A first few drops of milk better decant. Читать полностью -->

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